My name is James Sheriff and I'm a designer and technical specialist based in Yorkshire. I work with businesses to find solutions to technical problems using the Internet, applications and design. I do this through an agency I set up with Richard Keys and Craig Burgess.

I'm fortunate enough to work with a small team of people that I get on with really well and share a common sense of humour.

  • Joe, developer and meme collector
  • Craig, creative director and gif enthusiast
  • Rich, technical director and goblin painter

When I'm not at Genius Division, I enjoy photography, cycling to work and driving as well as socialising.

This is my personal website where I post photos and articles about things that interest me such as technology, design, the Internet and photography.

Why do I use shrff.com as my domain? It's my surname, Sheriff, without vowels to make it shorter (also, someone already had sheriff.com)