These are the tools I use at home and at work.


I generally stick with tools as I am creature of habit.

  • I initially designed this web site in Figma, a tool that I use at Genius Division to design apps, web sites, interfaces etc.
  • For PHP development, I use VSCode.


I’ve been trying to expand my kit throughout the years and don’t take as many photos as I should. I used to post to Flickr but would like a self-hosted solution so I don’t have to rely on a third party and more importantly, own my own content.

  • Sony A7 Mk II¬†when I get around to it. I have a battery grip on it.
  • Sony RX100 IV for point and shoot stuff.
  • iPhone 11 Pro when out and about.


  • MacBook Pro 15 inch + LG Ultrafine when at the studio.
  • iPad Pro 11 inch.

This website

  • Runs on the latest version of WordPress (it automatically updates).
  • Codebase hosted on Bitbucket.
  • Theme cobbled together using Tailwind.
  • For hosting, I use Laravel Forge for server deployment and maintenance and Digital Ocean for hosting. It is backed up daily to Amazon S3.
  • WP Rocket is used to cache the website to keep it super snappy.
  • Content delivery is done through AWS’ CloudFront.
  • Titles are set in Tungsten.